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Cities of Faith

Cities of Faith | Baghdad, Iraq

Season 1, Episode 26 • 22m

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  • Cities of Faith | Aleppo, Syria

    Aleppo, located in northern Syria, was a major center of commerce, religion, and culture. It was also a prominent city during the early Islamic period and was one of the key cities in the Islamic Empire.

    During the Umayyad caliphate, Aleppo became a major center for Islamic scholarship, with man...

  • Cities of Faith | Algeria

    Algeria, located in North Africa, has a rich history with Islam. It was conquered by Arab armies in the 7th century, and over time became an important center for Islamic scholarship and culture. Algerian scholars and leaders played significant roles in the spread of Islam across North Africa and ...

  • Cities of Faith | Alexandria, Egypt

    Alexandria is a historic city located on the Mediterranean coast of Egypt. It played an important role in Islamic history as it was one of the major centers of learning during the Islamic Golden Age. The city was known for its extensive library, the Library of Alexandria, which was established in...