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Cities of Faith

Cities of Faith | Delhi, India

Season 1, Episode 14 • 25m

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  • Cities of Faith | Tirana, Albania

    Tirana is the capital and largest city of Albania, a country with a majority Muslim population. Islam has played a significant role in Albania's history and culture, and this influence is evident in Tirana's many mosques and Islamic landmarks.

    One of the most notable Islamic landmarks in Tirana ...

  • Cities of Faith | Rabat, Morocco

    Rabat is the capital city of Morocco and an important cultural and historical center for Islam in the region. The city is home to numerous Islamic landmarks, including the Hassan Tower, a minaret that was built in the 12th century but was never completed, and the Mausoleum of Mohammed V, the fina...

  • Cities of Faith | Sarajevo, Bosnia He...

    Sarajevo is a city located in Bosnia and Herzegovina that has a rich Islamic history. The area was originally settled by the Illyrians in ancient times, but it was during the Ottoman Empire that Sarajevo became an important center of Islamic culture and learning.

    During the Ottoman period, which...