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Watch this video and more on Alchemiya

Up Next in Season 1

  • Harun al-Rashid | Episode 09

    After witnessing his sons fight, Harun assigns al-Amin as his crown prince and gives the region of Khorasan to his other son Al-Maamoon to rule and also makes him crown prince to his brother al-Amin. Zubaida, Harun's wife is not pleased.

  • Harun al-Rashid | Episode 10

    Harun Al-Rashid finds difficulty in teaching his son Al-Amin the principles of ruling and leadership. Ja'far miraculously survives an attempt to poison him, and Harun Al-Rashid investigates who the perpetrator might be.

  • Harun al-Rashid | Episode 11

    Doubts concerning who might have plotted against Ja'afar arise and Harun Al-Rashid suspects the maid to have carried out such a treacherous act.