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Watch this video and more on Alchemiya

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  • Inside Saudi Arabia, 1973

    This archive documentary from 1973 explores the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which was relatively unknown and mysterious to the world in the 1970s and how it develops following the oil boom and increasing demand for the fuel.

  • Mr. Jinnah: The Making of Pakistan

    Ambassador Akbar Ahmed presents the 20th Anniversary Edition re-release of the historical documentary film, "Mr. Jinnah: The Making of Pakistan." The documentary was part of Ambassador Ahmed's 1990s Jinnah Quartet of projects about the founder of Pakistan, which also included "Jinnah," a feature ...

  • Ismael: The Last Guardian of an Ancie...

    Over 500 years ago, driven out by the Spanish Inquisition, Ismael Diadié's ancestors left Al-Andalus for Timbuktu. In 2012, Ansar al Din salafist fighters and their al Qaeda allies threatened to destroy the 500-year-old ancient Islamic library belonging to Diadié and his ancestors, which they had...