Prophet Yousaf

Prophet Yousaf

45 Episodes


A 45 episode Iranian television TV series telling the story of Prophet Joseph from the Quran and Islamic traditions. Set in the historical context of the Amarna period of ancient Egypt, the series follows the life and significant events of the Prophet.

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Prophet Yousaf
  • Prophet Yousaf | 01

    Episode 1

    The noble Prophet Jacob preaches the message of monotheism to a polytheistic nation whilst a drought further accelerates the tension between Jacob and his people. A sorceress loyally serves a deity known as Ishtar and directly opposes Jacobs message along with most of the citizens of Fadan.

  • Prophet Yousaf | 02

    Episode 2

    Rachel bears the pain of pregnancy as Jacob and his entourage closely support her. An incident occurs in Ca'naan that will change things forever. Loyalties begin to shift and Jacob receives some bad news about his father Isaac.

  • Prophet Yousaf | 03

    Episode 3

    The family are still reeling from recent events with the macabre reality of death overshadowing the blessing of birth. People of Ka'naan pledge allegiance to Jacob before he heads to Abraham's tomb to resurrect his vow. Joseph's brothers begin to grow more jealous of their younger sibling as Rach...

  • Prophet Yousaf | 04

    Episode 4

    Faeghe schemes to gain further custody of Joseph. Some time afterwards Joseph has a dream which proves to have ambiguous connotations. Jacob offers a date branch to the rest of his older children in an effort to quell their envious attitudes.

  • Prophet Yousaf | 05

    Episode 5

    Jacob awakens from a startling nightmare which he hesitantly attributes to his sons. Conversely Joseph has a pleasant but enigmatic dream involving his brothers which causes his father to advise him to keep it to himself. The brothers receive a mysterious visitor who claims to have knowledge abou...

  • Prophet Yousaf | 06

    Episode 6

    Jacob finally allows Joseph to accompany their brothers to the plains. But will they uphold their promise to their father.

  • Prophet Yousaf | 07

    Episode 7

    Led by Judah the fraternity return to their father with the feigned testimony regarding Josephs disappearance. Despite his lack of forethought Levi sympathises with his younger brother and tentatively attempts to do whats right. Meanwhile Joseph encounters glimmers of hope in his isolation.

  • Prophet Yousaf | 08

    Episode 8

    A trading caravan happen upon the well where Joseph is located and a power play immediately ensues between the merchants and the brothers for proprietorship of Joseph. The intense rivalry between Levi and Judah reaches boiling point as they come to blows following their decided agreement. Benjami...

  • Prophet Yousaf | 09

    Episode 9

    Members of the caravan witness sequential signs of Joseph and are taken aback by his cultivating beauty and innocence. Thereafter the company reach the gates of an old and storied nation all the while passing by the famed River Nile. Back in Ka'naan Jacob and Lia begin to lose any hope of ever se...

  • Prophet Yousaf | 10

    Episode 10

    A competitive auction bidding takes place to win the services of Joseph. The Kings advisor Potiphar makes his presence known to the citizens of Egypt and lays claim to the young bondsman. Malek attempts to get to the bottom of Joseph's origin.

  • Prophet Yousaf | 11

    Episode 11

    Queen Zuleikha entrusts her treasured gift to the palace chamberlain, Honifer. Soon he is given an extended excursion in and around his new residence. Thereafter, "Uzarsif" demonstrates his skill as a prodigy and continues to impress the community at large. Karimama grows suspicious of this and w...

  • Prophet Yousaf | 12

    Episode 12

    More political and religious intrigue finds it's way to the royal court as Joseph is promoted within the household. Jacob undertakes a new initiative in Ka'naan.

  • Prophet Yousaf | 13

    Episode 13

    Zuleikha educates Joseph regarding the rituals and customs of Egypt. Another idol by the name of Amun, revered by the populace receives measured criticism from Joseph. The grand Pharaoh Amenhotep entertains a visit from Potiphar and his young companion and witnesses Joseph's fabled percipience fi...

  • Prophet Yousaf | 14

    Episode 14

    Joseph continues his training with Rodomon and his rapid improvement leaves a lasting mark on the Egyptian nobles. An ailing Honifer is nursed by his colleagues. The conflict between the crown and the temple threatens to erupt. Zuleikha grows irritated at Karimama's encroaching mannerisms.

  • Prophet Yousaf | 15

    Episode 15

    Joseph officially supersedes the late Honifer as the Palace Chamberlain. Zuleikha's tries to take her mind off him by departing on a short voyage. After a conversation with Nemisabu, Joseph senses that he may be in danger. Benjamin comforts his father to little avail.

  • Prophet Yousaf | 16

    Episode 16

    Lady Zuleikha and Joseph's odd behaviour arouses Potiphars suspicions. Her obsession with Joseph spirals out of control. We witness one of the most pivotal and famous moments of Joseph's entire life...

  • Prophet Yousaf | 17

    Episode 17

    The ramifications of recent events are felt throughout Egypt with the Temple monks vying for an opportunity to ruin the nobility. Zuleikha resolves to evince the true nature of Joseph by throwing a party.

  • Prophet Yousaf | 18

    Episode 18

    The Sovereign Bishop hires one of Amuns most loyal worshippers for a deadly assignment. Potiphar desperately tries to quell the scandalous climate in the capital whilst protecting the vulnerable Pharaoh. Zuleikha finally delivers on her promise to Joseph.

  • Prophet Yousaf | 19

    Episode 19

    After being fettered and chained, Joseph crosses the threshold of the Prison and stumbles upon a familiar face. The inmates are quickly drawn to Joseph as he endeavours to aid their rehabilitation. Kidamen, the prison warden delivers a message to Joseph from Lady Zuleikha but he remains unperturb...

  • Prophet Yousaf | 20

    Episode 20

  • Prophet Yousaf | 21

    Episode 21

  • Prophet Yousaf | 22

    Episode 22

  • Prophet Yousaf | 23

    Episode 23

  • Prophet Yousaf | 24

    Episode 24