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Watch this video and more on Alchemiya

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  • Prophet Yousaf | 12

    More political and religious intrigue finds it's way to the royal court as Joseph is promoted within the household. Jacob undertakes a new initiative in Ka'naan.

  • Prophet Yousaf | 13

    Zuleikha educates Joseph regarding the rituals and customs of Egypt. Another idol by the name of Amun, revered by the populace receives measured criticism from Joseph. The grand Pharaoh Amenhotep entertains a visit from Potiphar and his young companion and witnesses Joseph's fabled percipience fi...

  • Prophet Yousaf | 14

    Joseph continues his training with Rodomon and his rapid improvement leaves a lasting mark on the Egyptian nobles. An ailing Honifer is nursed by his colleagues. The conflict between the crown and the temple threatens to erupt. Zuleikha grows irritated at Karimama's encroaching mannerisms.