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  • By Compass and Quran | Trailer

    The Afghan cameleer’s induction into Australia was a rough ride and not without its intrigues, however, they conquered the outback and they achieved in part their role as nation-builders. It is a tragic story about men who lost their great tribal warrior-like identities and became impotent fringe...

  • Dervish, A Spiritual Sojourn | Trailer

    Dervish shows a journey to find the tomb of forgotten Sufi master Abu Hashim Madani. Hazrat Inayat Khan traveled from Hyderabad to New York following his guidance, directed to unite East and West with the harmony of music and to spread Sufism. This film captures Sufi traditions and their influenc...

  • 2 and A Half Muslims | Trailer

    An all new original comedy-educational webseries about a recent revert to Islam and his two bumbling friends guiding him into his new life of being a Muslim.

  • Nur | Trailer

    The tale of a forbidden love between a religious speaker and a prostitute, with forcible resistance from his family. Will the couple be able to stand for their love and overcome the challenges ahead of them?

    Note: This series covers a mature theme.

  • Captain Abu Raed | Trailer

    Abu Raed is a lonely janitor at Amman's International Airport. Never having realised his dreams of seeing the world, he experiences it vicariously through books and brief encounters with travellers.

    One day he finds a pilot's hat and discovers a calling, forming a friendship with a group of poor...

  • Somos Musulmanes | Trailer

    In the misty mountains of San Cristobal de Las Casas, sheltered under improvised houses, lives a small Muslim community of Tzotzils, an ethnic group descended from the Maya. But what is their story? In the midst of the Zapatista revolution, a movement fighting for the emancipation of indigenous p...

  • Jalal ad-Din Rumi | Trailer

    This 11 part series follows the life of Mevlana Jalal ad-Din Rumi, one of the greatest poets of Islam and the most universally read. This series narrates the poet's life story in the three periods his life: youth, adulthood and old age.

  • Made in Palestine | Trailer

    Spotlight on Hirbawi Textiles in the city of Hebron – the last remaining factory in Palestine that produces the traditional and iconic Palestinian scarf known as the Kuffiyeh.

  • Free Trip to Egypt | Trailer

  • Bab'Aziz | Trailer


    The story of a blind dervish Bab'Aziz and his spirited granddaughter, Ishtar, together they wander the desert in search of a great reunion of dervishes that takes place just once every thirty years.

    The film's complex and nonlinear narrative chie...

  • Cairo in One Breath | Clip

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    The Adhan is a 1,400 year-old oral tradition in the process of unprecedented change in Cairo. After 60 generations, thousands of individual muezzins are being replaced by a single voice broadcast from a radio station to wireless receivers as part...

  • My Short Words | Trailer

    This film, inspired by Rumi and Bediuzzaman Said Nursi, follows three kids as they set off on an adventurous bike journey to swim in a lake, the journey turns into an unforgettable page in the story of their lives.

    On a hot summer day, three kids living in a poor Anatolian villiage go to a foun...

  • Love-Supreme | Trailer

  • Ismail | Trailer

    Inspired by a day in the life of Palestinian painter Ismail Shammout, Ismail tells the compelling story of a young man struggling to support his parents after their expulsion to a Refugee camp in 1948 by the Israeli forces.

  • Palace Spies | Episode 1

    Watch for free the first episode of this gripping Turkish drama, set in the Ottoman period.
    A period drama series about the conflict between the Persian and Ottoman Empires in 18th Century. The Ottoman Sultan, Ahmed III, finds himself caught in a web conspiracies and plots by politicians, traito...

  • Blessed are the Strangers | Clip

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    London in the late 1960s. A steady stream of hippies get switched on to the teachings of Sufism through Ian Dallas, a Scottish playwright and actor who had encountered Islam on a trip to Morocco. He takes the group to Morocco and introduces...

  • Circling the House of God | Short Extract

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    Dr Martin Lings, a writer and scholar revered all over the world, performed the Hajj, or pilgrimage to the holy city of Mecca in 1948. Using unique archive material, he recollects his experiences along with his insight into its historical b...

  • A Beginner's Guide to Andalusian Calligraphy | Trailer

    This is the story of a calligraphic script that is almost extinct, yet which was once a crucial part of the most extraordinary cultural flourishing of the Middle Ages. We trace its journey from its origins in Madinah to its pinnacle in Al-Andalus, where we look at the rich context it evolved in. ...

  • Innov Gnawa | Clip

  • The Knight and the Princess | Trailer

    A young warrior's unwavering determination to save abducted women and children leads him to confront a brutal tyrant and his devious sorcerer.

    Inspired by a true 7th century warrior, the story follows the adventures of Mohammed Bin Alkassim with a fictional twist. At the young age of 15, he coul...

  • Madinay Wala Jahaz | Trailer

    This short film revolves around the story of a simple life living father and his ambitious son who put everything at risk to follow their dream of living the big city life. Taking unexpected turns and emotional trips, this family of two ends up realizing how all that glitters is not gold.

  • Bas Ek Piyali Chai | Trailer

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    Tea is that one thing everyone loves to have, but can it be so special for someone that he can wait for just that special cup for years? A narrative journey of Ghulam Raees (Rashid Farooqi) who takes us back in time where he ...

  • Makr | Trailer

    A fake exorcist who recently lost his daughter and with it his trust in God, visits the home of Khalid, a man who claims his wife is possessed by a Djinn. He soon finds out that things are not as they seem.

  • Pankh | Trailer

    An actor embarks on a magnificent journey to find answers and re-live his childhood memories of a tragedy that will change his life forever.