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  • Inside Istanbul, Travel Guide

    1 season

    Istanbul is considered to be a jewel of Islamic cultural expression and history. It’s one of the most awe-inspiring cities, the former imperial seat of the Ottoman Empire, dripping with history on every street. From breathtaking mosques, delicious food, historical palaces and never ending bazars,...

  • The Muslim Traveller's Guide to Granada

    Granada was the capital of the Nasrid caliphs in Muslim Spain, their magnificent palace, the Alhambra world famous as a unique gem of Islamic architecture. Hanna Whiteman presents the people and places that make the city of Granada an essential tourist destination for Muslims looking for the root...

  • Le Jardin Secret, Marrakech

    A documentary on the history and restoration of Le Jardin Secret, one of the largest and most ancient riads in the medina of Marrakech. With interviews and images from the worksite.

  • Multan Sultan - Waqt-e-Junoob (The Era of the South)

    This promotional video for the Multan Sultans cricket team of Pakistan, perfectly captures the essence of Multan and shows the colour and vibrance of diverse Pakistani culture. Featuring the legendary Pakistan singer and musician Attaullah Eisa Khelvi

  • In Damascus

    Film-maker Waref Abu Quba presents his poetic and mournful ode to Damascus, the Queen of cities. This atmospheric short film captures both the beauty and the melancholy of Damascus, a city believed to be the most ancient in existence. Complex layers of effects create a rich visual texture, accomp...

  • Curves of Iran

    To the people asking: "Why do you want to go to Iran?", show them this video! The narration explains the whole thing: "Curves are everywhere in Eastern culture: our writing, our architecture, our instruments, the way we dance; even the tone of our language is curved. The West was built on angles....

  • John Torode's Malaysian Adventure

    1 season

  • Ramadan in the Islamic World

    3 seasons

    Anywhere you are in this world in Asia, Europe, Africa, or the Americas, the Holy month of Ramadan will visit you once a year bringing its blessings, sacredness, forgiveness, and beautiful traditional cultural activities. Together we visit countries around the world to witness theirs traditions, ...

  • A Glimpse of Paradise - Garden Culture in the Islamic World

    1 season

    The five-part documentary series is a journey through gardens in the Islamic World. It begins at the gardens of the Persian Empire, travels on to the green oases of the Indian subcontinent, North Africa and Southern Spain, before closing with an eye to the future in the Gulf States. The gardens a...

  • Magical Oman

    2 videos

    The magic of the Orient is not a thing of the past – far from it. Even now, the Sultanate of Oman – legendary home of Sinbad the Sailor – seems like something straight out of 'Arabian Nights'. It's a country of exquisite extremes: barren desert and rough mountains meet lush green oases and a pict...