Tales from the Magic Carpet

Tales from the Magic Carpet

2 Seasons

Tales from the Magic Carpet introduces children to a world of stories through beautiful storytelling from international storyteller Sita Brand. Traditional tales have the power to unite us. In these stories from the Muslim world, the East is vividly brought to life as we meet characters including Mullah Nassredin, the wise Shepherd and clever Masha, who all teach us life lessons.

Produced by leading storytelling company, Settle Stories.

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Tales from the Magic Carpet
  • Mullah Nasruddin Feeds his Coat | Turkey

    Episode 1

    Nasruddin is tired after working in the fields all day. He is hungry. It is Ramadan and he is invited to the wealthy man’s house. He goes straight from the field and the guests. No one will talk to him or share food. He leaves and returns in a fine coat. He feeds the coat and when people are shoc...

  • The Bird in the Golden Cage | Persia

    Episode 2

    A merchant keeps a parrot in a golden cage. He asks his family and the bird what gifts they would like when he goes travelling. The parrot asks him to pass a message to a friend. When the merchant does this the friend pretends to fall down and die. When the merchant relays this to the parrot, the...

  • Lazy Tok | Malaysia

    Episode 3

    Lazy Tok sits under a magic tree that tries to persuade her to take a basket to market to choose what she wants. Tok is too lazy so the basket goes with the help of a fat man. When the basket is full it runs back to Tok. This happens several times until the shopkeepers catch the basket and fill i...

  • Masha and the Bear | Russia

    Episode 4

    Masha lives with her grandparents. One day she goes out to play in the forest with her friends and gets lost. She finds herself in a strange house. When the house owner returns she finds it is a bear. The bear won’t let her go and Masha cooks and cleans for him until she has an idea. She tricks t...

  • The Tiger and the Hare | Pakistan

    Episode 5

    Tiger was in the habit of hunting all the animals. The creatures of the jungle got together to work out what to do. When it was Hare’s turn to be sacrificed he tricked Tiger and escaped being eaten.

  • Mullah Nasruddin Plants Trees | Turkey

    Episode 6

    Neighbours find Nasruddin planting trees in the field near his home. They start poking fun at him but Nasruddin points out that he is planting trees for future generations.

  • The Shepherds Treasure | Iran

    Episode 7

    A poor and wise shepherd once lived in a cave. The King disguised himself to meet the Shepherd and invited him to come to the town to provide wisdom for the people. Minister of the court started to whisper and accused him of stealing from the treasury. When the King called the Shepherd and disco...