Tales from the Magic Carpet

Tales from the Magic Carpet

2 Seasons

Tales from the Magic Carpet introduces children to a world of stories through beautiful storytelling from international storyteller Sita Brand. Traditional tales have the power to unite us. In these stories from the Muslim world, the East is vividly brought to life as we meet characters including Mullah Nassredin, the wise Shepherd and clever Masha, who all teach us life lessons.

Produced by leading storytelling company, Settle Stories.

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Tales from the Magic Carpet
  • Mullah Nasruddin and the Soup of the Soup | Turkey

    Episode 1

    Nasruddin acts hospitably when his good friend is standing on the doorstep with a fine-looking rabbit in hand. Hassan is invited in and a feast is prepared. A stream of visitors interrupt the evening meal on a succession of nights, saying they are the friend of the friend Hassan etc. So Nasruddin...

  • The Goat Well | Ethiopia

    Episode 2

    A story from Ethiopia. Woharia tricks a merchant into parting with all his goods in return for a ‘goat well’. A well that produces goats. When the merchant realises he has been tricked he goes to find Woharia and gets his camels and goods back. But kind hearted he gives Woharia a camel.

  • The Magic Garden of the Poor | Kazakhstan

    Episode 3

    When disease kills a shepherd's sheep, his neighbour and friend, a farmer gives him some land. One day the shepherd finds a pot of gold. When the farmer refuses to take it they go to the wise man. Here, a student suggests making a garden for the poor. The young man goes to the city to buy plants ...

  • The Blind Man and the Hunter | Zimbabwe

    Episode 4

    The blind man goes hunting with his brother-in-law, a hunter. The hunter asks the blind man questions and is amazed at his ability to use other senses to keep them from danger. When the hunter tries to take advantage of the blind man, he is caught out and learns from his mistakes. They become fri...

  • The Painted Jackal | Pakistan

    Episode 5

    Once a hungry jackal fell inside a pot of blue dye. The jackal turned blue and the animals thought he was the king of the animals. Then one day when the jackal was looking at the moon and howled. When the animals heard this they knew he was just an ordinary jackal. The rain poured down his colour...

  • Mullah Nasruddin and The Cauldron that Died | Turkey

    Episode 6

    Nasruddin borrowed a cauldron from his neighbour. When he returned it, he did so with a small pot saying the pot had given birth. When the greedy neighbour lent Nasruddin a pot again he expected another pot. Nasruddin told him the pot had died. ”That’s not possible, a cauldron cannot die!’ said t...

  • Nails in the Wall | Palestine

    Episode 7

    A father finds a clever way to teach his young son how to control his anger and transform it into understanding.