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An excellent collection of Muslim Kids shows that both entertain and educate.

  • The Journey

    1 season

    The adventures of brother and sister, Basil and Marmar, and friends Malik and a parrot called Zenan as they learn about a new saying of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessings Be Upon Him) through their wise grandfather and grandmother.

  • Oriental Scholars

    30 items

    Oriental Scholars is an educational program which celebrates the scholars of our past. It sheds light on their accomplishments, and the influence they have left on modern times.

  • Zayn & Zayna's Little Farm

    4 items

    Zayn and Zayna's little farm centres around creativity, confidence and communication. It celebrating the importance of family, respecting one another, care for the environment, thinking creatively and practising mindfulness. Join Zayn and Zayna’s Little Farm for fun and adventures on the farm. Su...

  • Tales of the Lantern

    1 season

    Uncle Misbah shares stories rooted in Arab heritage. Every episode introduces important figures and key values that impacted the course of Arab history.

  • In Your Name, Allah

    1 season

    The biography of the Prophet’s ﷺ life is a guidance on how one can lead a virtuous life from youth until old age. "In your Name, Allah" (Bismika Allahuma), a phrase found in Al-Ṣaḥīfa al-Sajjādīya, attributed to Ali ibn Husayn Zayn al-Abidin, the great-grandson of the Prophet Muhammadﷺ. This anim...

  • Ibn Battuta The Explorer

    2 seasons

    This series portrays the historical events that surrounded the explorer Ibn Battuta, whose heroism and humane efforts lead to his recognition as one of the most quintessential explorers throughout documented history.

  • Stories of the Prophets Era

    1 season

    This series tells the stories in Hadiths told by the Prophet, which encompass the framework of virtuous living. Told from the perspective of a humble shepherd, who despite the limitations his life and work set upon him, never neglects his pursuit of knowledge. He looks into the Hadiths and learns...

  • Kr1ng! Film and Series

    6 items

    When the imaginative Mael is discovered to have dyslexia, teacher Suraya is more determined than ever to help him with his studies and difficulties.
    Kring, an award winning short film and additional episodes.

    1. Best Animated Film for Kids at ReAnima Festival 2020
    2. Best Short Animation ...

  • Tales from the Magic Carpet

    2 seasons

    Tales from the Magic Carpet introduces children to a world of stories through beautiful storytelling from international storyteller Sita Brand. Traditional tales have the power to unite us. In these stories from the Muslim world, the East is vividly brought to life as we meet characters including...

  • 1001 Days

    1001 Days tells the story of the life of Sheherezade, the creative and heroic storyteller. Within a traditional fairy-tale structure, this animated short addresses eternal issues like sacrifice, equality and bravery, and considers how today’s women deserve equal treatment and privileges. Night af...

  • The Knight and the Princess | Arabic & English Audio

    Movie + 1 extra

    Available in English and Arabic Audio with English, French and Arabic subtitles.

    A young warrior's unwavering determination to save abducted women and children leads him to confront a brutal tyrant and his devious sorcerer.

    Inspired by a true 7th century warrior, the story follows the adventure...

  • Light Upon Light: Quran for the Whole Family

    23 items

    M for Moon’s work is a unique and exquisite way of combining recitation, story, meaning, image, movement, sound and colour. As well as helping children engage with the stories and wisdom of the Quran, each animation is also a prayer, a meditation and a joy for adults as well. A way to take a litt...

  • Zaynab's Enchanted Scarf

    4 items

    Young Zaynab is gifted a beautiful scarf from her grandmother. One day she decides to try on the scarf and is whisked away back in time. During her adventure she learns of prominent Kings and Queens of Africa like King Mansa Musa, Queen Amina and Queen Nefertari historical contribution to society...

  • Life and Death at the Spring

    Life and death arrive at a spring in the desert but must first decide on who is the oldest between them before they can take a drink. A wisdom tale from Hausa people of West Africa.

  • Zakiyyah's Talking Flower Garden

    Along with her cousin, Jalil, Zakiyyah goes on an adventure in her flower garden. They learn about some of the most beautiful flowers in the world along with historical contribution of prominent Kings and Queens of Africa like King Takyi, King Hannibal and Queen Nzinga. When Zaniyah’s mother stum...

  • Men Around the Prophet

    2 seasons

    This series tells the stories of great men who took on the responsibility of glorifying and honouring their faith to preserve its integrity among the masses. It delves into the lives of the men who accompanied the Prophet throughout his life, showing the roles they played, their relationship with...

  • The Doctor's Helper

    A young man resorts to artifice in order to gain a menial position with a physician of great repute from the House of Wisdom. But at what cost will he keep that position? And what will the physician do to save his own reputation? A psychological thriller from Iraq.

  • Tale of the Sands

    A mesmerising tale of the courage required to embrace the inevitable changes that life brings. A parable of trust from Tunisia.

  • Polishing the Heart

    A documentary about the "Ghazali Children's project" a worldwide initiative to bring Al-Ghazali's teachings to children. After a decade of work with a dedicated team of scholars, we see the project in action and hear from teachers, parents and children about its transformative impact.

    Featuring ...

  • Jabir Ibn Hayyan

    Popularly known as the father of chemistry, Jabir's works contain the oldest known systematic classification of chemical substances, and the oldest known instructions for deriving an inorganic compound from organic substances (such as plants, blood, and hair) by chemical means.

  • Al-Jazari

    A polymath: a scholar, inventor, mechanical engineer, artisan, artist and mathematician from Jazira. He is best known for writing The Book of Knowledge of Ingenious Mechanical Devices.

  • Abbas ibn Firnas

    Ibn Firnas was a polymath: an inventor, physician, chemist, engineer, Andalusian musician, and Arabic-language poet who lived in Córdoba. A pioneer of aviation, Ibn Firnas built the first human carrying glider and is reputed to have had two successful flights. His work and ideas went on to influe...

  • Mimar Sinan

    He was the chief Ottoman architect ("mimar") and civil engineer for sultans Suleiman the Magnificent, Selim II, and Murad III. He was responsible for the construction of more than 300 major structures and other more modest projects, such as schools. His apprentices would later design the Sultan A...

  • Ibn Sina

    Often known in the west as Avicenna was a Persian polymath who is regarded as one of the most significant physicians, astronomers, thinkers and writers of the Islamic Golden Age, and the father of early modern medicine. Avicenna is also called "the most influential philosopher of the pre-modern e...