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Watch this video and more on Alchemiya

Tales from the Magic Carpet

Mullah Nasruddin and the Soup of the Soup | Turkey

Season 2, Episode 1 ,

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  • The Goat Well | Ethiopia

    A story from Ethiopia. Woharia tricks a merchant into parting with all his goods in return for a ‘goat well’. A well that produces goats. When the merchant realises he has been tricked he goes to find Woharia and gets his camels and goods back. But kind hearted he gives Woharia a camel.

  • The Magic Garden of the Poor | Kazakh...

    When disease kills a shepherd's sheep, his neighbour and friend, a farmer gives him some land. One day the shepherd finds a pot of gold. When the farmer refuses to take it they go to the wise man. Here, a student suggests making a garden for the poor. The young man goes to the city to buy plants ...

  • The Blind Man and the Hunter | Zimbabwe

    The blind man goes hunting with his brother-in-law, a hunter. The hunter asks the blind man questions and is amazed at his ability to use other senses to keep them from danger. When the hunter tries to take advantage of the blind man, he is caught out and learns from his mistakes. They become fri...